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“Diva” represents everything UY is passionate about performance, music, and fashion. We were really delighted to take the lead in the stylistic and costume direction of Adam Kosta Keller’s award-winning surreal queer fantasia - where “the drag bar diva and the opera house diva share the same skin”.

In celebration of the completed passion project between two longtime friends- “Diva” director, Adam Kosta Keller and UY Studio’s Idan Gilony, UY turned its space into a saloon with a fully stocked bar and a number of special performances for the film’s premiere. Diva was scheduled to screen five times during this special evening, where each screening was attended by 30 guests.

Watch "Diva" here on Nowness

Director - Adam Csoka Keller Director of Photography - Igor Smitka  Production Manager - Tatiana Makrinova Production Designer - Evelyn Bencicova Costume Designer - Idan Gilony for UY Studio

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