Founded in 2013 the Berlin based fashion label and art collective UY outlines the mix of the Middle East and Scandinavian culture. Idan Gilony, from Tel Aviv and Fanny Lawaetz, from Stockholm are the designers and co-founders behind the contemporary and innovative label.

There is no aesthetic division between him and her, old and young, and UY doesn’t label their garments or themselves. Therefore, the collections are not labeled according to season, time or gender. The main focus of UY’s aesthetics is its minimalistic silhouette with clean lines, original cuts and interesting shapes. With its unchanging tone of color and futuristic approach, UY communicates in a strong, dramatic and unexpected language.


Over time UY has evolved into an art collective where the brand explores innovation in all the creative fields, making it a UY experience. The collective involves fashion, art, photography and home décor.

Following the inception of the brand, UY is handmade in Berlin and the designers create a personal relationship with every garment that they create. Using natural fibers and fabrics and buying from local markets is UY’s statement towards mass production and its aftermaths.

With UY’s good quality, evoking design and it’s affordable price range it invites contemporary individuals to wear the garments while making their own interpretation of the brand and let them be a part of the UY art collective and it’s enthralling experience.