Founded in 2014 the Berlin based fashion label and art collective UY designs and produces garments as well as experiences in the means of potentialising diverse embodiments of life.

One of our core values is to help people listen and talk with their body. This  liberation adds up to the core of our beliefs - whether we're talking about gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, place of origin, size, age, or unconformity with beauty standards. We acknowledge this is a never-ending ride, but the purpose is to continuously drive in this direction. In the same breath, we consider ourselves as a global home and community which we portray throughout our brand. Welcoming artists from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and creative angulations and making them all feel at home - a home where we bond through our differences. A so-called hybrid place; where global meets local, cozy meets edgy, and familiarity meets cultural fluidity. As minimalistic as we can be, everything we do is sprinkled by our driving force to challenge gender norms in a sexy, ironic, and unapologetic way.

Our take on beauty is raw: we believe in simple yet powerful materials, straightforward shapes, and minimal interventions to stimulate a symbolic sensation of crude, and spontaneous wholeness of real-life being. For us, sophistication goes in the opposite direction of over-embellishment. The garments and experiences are about feeling comfortable with oneself, in opposition to the cycle of self-frustration and anxiety generated by trends.

Following the inception of the brand, we strive to design high quality products for long term usage with carefully considered materials and techniques - timeless enough to keep up with the world's ever-changing paradigms. Additionally, we only cooperate with transparent and responsible sourcing partners to promote fair working practices and conditions. These values will be explored without compromise in order to consider the ethical and environmental impact of our footprint to nurture a fruitful future for this planet.