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Ellen Allien x UY Studio

Ellen Allien x UY Studio

Our latest capsule mesh collection featuring Ellen Allien

Dedicated to visual media, art, fashion, and of course, music, Ellen Allien has been an intrinsic part of the subculture in Berlin, cultivating her own identity while guiding the evolution of electronic music in her hometown and the rest of the world. As one of the most iconic artists of her generation, Ellen Allien embodies the core ethos of music: a visionary who looks into the future to seek inspiration and breaks the boundaries of what is considered the current "norm." With her challenging approach, Ellen uniquely shifted the creative industry in Berlin like no one before her and created a timeless universe for her audience.

About the collection: 

Our latest collection was designed in collaboration with the young emerging Designer Sasha Kasatkina AKA Sunny, who recently found her way to Berlin due to the critical situation in her home country. We met Sunny through one of our known Studio markets in the heart of Kreuzberg/Neukölln, which we hosted to give creatives who recently fled Ukraine a space to showcase their work and connect with the Berlin creative community. We at UY Studio call ourselves a global home and are always thrilled to welcome artists from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds as part of our DNA. No wonder we were immediately attracted to Sunny and her vision & talent. Her undeniable appreciation for differences and intense focus on uplifting one's self-consciousness caught our attention. In search of peace and sanctuary, she started redeveloping her design by broadcasting her emotions and feelings into her pieces. 

"The main inspiration for this collection was the relaxed emotions we all miss so much" - Sunny. 

This collection is a visual continuation of UY Studio's latest performance called CODESS, which premiered in July in Halle am Wriezener Bahnhof. The movement of CODESS presents a solid visual of our society's present and future unification with technology. The designs showcase the fluidity and individualism of its wearer. 

A true master of self-expression and individuality is also our newest face of the collection: Ellen Allien. Our latest capsule collection is about society's innovation progress and its movement into the future by its driving force, the generation Z. With this collection, we wanted to underline one of our core approaches of creating garments outside of what society imposes in terms of age or gender. As an homage to the roots of our Studio, which grew out of the music industry and creating garments for going out and feeling comfortable within, it is no wonder that we directly thought about Ellen Allien as the new face of our campaign as she combines the heritage with the new like no one else in our community. 

The campaign process: 

As the face of our latest collection, Ellen went through a complete digital body scan of 80 cameras that scanned her body. In the post-production process, a 3D avatar of her was created wearing one of the looks of the capsule collection. In collaboration with the 3D artist Sage Morei, we placed her avatar in a previously designed raw and post-human dystopia where technology becomes an omnipresent eye surrounding and watching her. Reflecting on this new way of living our lives, being in constant contact with our phones and their overexposure, our collection shall represent an empowering and forward-thinking movement for humanity within all of us - ourselves. 

Face of campaign: Ellen Allien I Music by: Ellen Allien I Visual artist & 3D environment: Sage Morei & HORIZON LAB I Project by: UY Studio 




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