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an interactive installation with live performances that fuse machinery, light and 4DSOUND. 

CODESS by UY Studio is an interactive installation with live performances that fuse machinery, light and 4DSOUND.

CODESS is created to make a statement about how we are living and interacting with a society that is built upon technology. The sculptural installation and the live act work together to break down the fear of mechanical life by creating an interactive performance. In this contemporary piece, people can face their fears by stepping into close contact with the rotating machine. The performance will take the audience on a powerful and meditative journey in which they will reflect on our life in a modern world. CODESS is a performative meditation in our current interval age where machinery and technology are our only certainties for the future to come. 

A speculative representation of the afterlife where hope sneaks through the room. 

Work on CODESS began over a year and a half ago. The perpetual pandemic, and plans to premiere in Kyiv brought about many thoughts of cancellation due to the Russian military attack and invasion on Ukraine. As the show must go on, strings were pulled to make the performance and exhibition come to life in our Berlin home. 

The story behind the CODESS performative exhibition examines the overexposed nature of our technological future, which consumes us as it is already in our present. The contemporary art piece is a representation of the human state as the future that we have feared and is now the exact reality we are living in.

The future we have feared includes themes of surveillance, overexposed social media presence, machines taking over the roles of humans, losing control over technology, and the Covid-19 virus. The rotating machine in the performance embodies our fears towards the future which are now part of our current reality. By creating an interactive performance with the mechanical sculpture we are able to remove the distance between the future and our present. 

Sound design by Dasha Rush, a respected and well-traveled Live performer, electronic music composer, sound artist and Dj. Dasha previously worked with UY Studio for “UY Zone 005”, UY Studio’s fifth birthday. 


Movement direction for CODESS is choreographed by Candela Capitán. Capitán’s personal work explores the activation and deactivation of social ties, positioning the body in relation to others, to objects and collective imagery. 


Through the display of the technological sculpture, the audience is taken on a reflective journey, oscillating between the recent past, the present and the near future. Having the performance in the same space as the audience connects to our concept by removing the distance between our present and our feared future. 


The aim of the entire art performance is to visualize our current society as we directly interact with the fears of a dystopian life. With costume design by UY Studio, inspired by the cultures and societies around us, our global homes. Every performer is clothed in muted tones to reflect the coldness and loss of hope shared amongst society. However, collectively dressed, the performers emulate how we are all the same within society, sharing in our fears and walking forward into our futures together. 


CODESS will be brought to life in Halle am Wriezener Bahnof, from the 15th to the 17th of July 2022.

Performance Premiere: 15 July 
Shows: 15 - 16 July
Exhibition only: 17 July

Sound Design: Dasha Rush  

Spatial Sound Design: Dasha Rush and William Russell I 

Sound System: 4DSOUND  

Movement Direction: Candela Capitan  

Sound Experience Production: Monom Studios

Curated by Idan Gilony 


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