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an interactive installation with live performances that fuse machinery, light and 4DSOUND. 

Welcome to two hours of the CODESS utopia experience , where each moment is its own unique and non-repeatable.Temporarily, we are in the near future. The world is left exhausted. Smoke is rising, lights flicker on the horizon and hope is in the air. The voice of a promise whispers a soft welcome to a new world.

CODESS is an experience filled with portrayals of the human state, while examining the overexposed nature of our technological future, which is now the exact present we are living in. Humans have feared a future of surveillance, an overexposed digital presence, machines succeeding the roles of humans and us losing control to technology. This interactive performance along with the mechanical sculpture aspires to remove the artificial distance
between the future and our present.

The heart of the installation is the revolving robot. Away from its envisioned habitat, the robot is centred within Halle. An urban environment which is allowing you to directly engage with and dismantle the fear held towards the technological future. The rotating movements of the robotic arm create a form of meditation that
will transfer you into a state of ecstatic trance and reflection.

The ongoing live performance, choreographed by Candela Capitán, consists of 12 performers moving around the robot and melting into fusion with the futuristic enactment. Candela’s work is known for its strong reflection on modern society, and the exertion of the human body’s capabilities in narrating engaging experiences between both the viewers and performers. The movement direction for CODESS is a representation of our current society with technology
and its future unified circumstances. Strong visuals are contrasted by soft details, with costume design by UY Studio showcasing the fluidity and individualism of each performer. Reflecting the collective diversity of society, the performers were each personally designed for. [Individually, unique, and impactful when brought together.]

The CODESS utopia is brought to life through thought-fully composed sound design by Dasha Rush. Known for her experimentation and creativity in expanding musical boundaries, Dasha further elevates the CODESS experience in collaboration with spatial sound artist William Russell, through the use of the 4DSOUND spatial sound design system. As a result of an advanced network of 60 omnidirectional speakers provided by MONOM Studios, the participant can experience the composition as a high fidelity large scale augmented sonic reality, feeling sound as if they are living entities.

A further extension of CODESS is Anti-Atlantis by Sensus Communis. A virtual-reality experience focused on passage through the dystopian vision of the future. Anti-Atlantis calls for the moment of awakening.

An entrancing sensory experience is shared as we encounter the experience of CODESS together. We encourage you to immerse yourself and to explore the space around you.


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Curated by: Idan Gilony I Sound Design: Dasha Rush I Movement Direction: Candela Capitán I Dramaturgy assistant: Joan Morey  I Sound Experience Production: William Russell &  MONOM Studios I Sound System: 4DSOUND I Costume Design: UY Studio  I Project Management: Sarah Butz  I Production: Raquel Fedato & Lalai Persson & Rouven Brues I Show Manager: Marie Zechiel  I Fashion Manager: Rachel Sabick 

Dancers: Amanda Donato I Amie Jammeh I Ashley Temba I Marie Zechiel I Shar I Suzette Sagisi Giulia I Davide Troiani I Unai Alvarez I Thomas Rohe I Gabriel Lawton I Jaewon Jung 

Beauty Department: MINE Studio I Carolina Lazo I Evgenia Litus I Roberta de Florio

Fashion Department: Rachel Sabick I  Fanny Lawaetz I Chris Auernigg I Sergej Fischer I Elsa Krawielitzki I Tillmann Hansen

Communication Department: Omer Gilony I Jozef Kahanek I Charlotte Post I Madison Maurer I Tyla Jurgens

VR experience:  Evelyn Bencicova , Enes GucZeynep SchillingStudio LabourIkonospace 

Visuals & Photography: 3D Animation: xeris.ex kianamaranth I Graphic Design: Dmitrii Kudriavtsev Official video: Adriana Berroteran I Camera assistant: Bethania Medina I Editing & color grading: Manuela Aguilar I Sound Recordist: Effi Ceruti Photography:  Lexi Sun I Kantatach Kijtikhun I Sergey Skip I Johannes I Dariia Migalova I Arnaud Ele 




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