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At UY Studio, we believe in embracing sustainability and slow fashion as not just a trend, but a fundamental ethos that guides everything we do. 


In today’s fashion scene, many brands are quick to jump on the sustainability bandwagon as a response to consumers’ increasing awareness of ethical consumption - or so it seems. With greenwashing becoming a bigger topic every day, it’s important for consumers to go deep into the ethics of these brands claiming to be eco-friendly and make sure that they aren’t all talk and no action.

For us, slow fashion is about embracing quality over quantity, craftsmanship over mass production, and mindful consumption over mindless accumulation. Slow fashion is a commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and timeless style that goes beyond trends. We incorporate this into every aspect of our brand: from design, to materials, production, quality, shipping, and even in our showroom.


There are many areas of focus necessary for improving sustainability standards within fashion production. Every piece of clothing, from the main fabric to the tiny sewing threads and trims, relies on textiles. It's the very foundation of what we wear, and improving its sustainability is absolutely crucial.

Knowing where your textiles are coming from, how they are made and who is making them, is vital in ensuring transparency and improvement within social and climate sustainability. 

At UY Studio, we put a lot of focus on the fabrics that bring our designs to life. Crafting high-quality products that blend durability and comfort is at the core of what we do. But it's not just about creating beautiful pieces – it's about doing so responsibly. That's why we meticulously select our textile providers only within the EU, ensuring they are ethical and sustainable within various standards. Our suppliers all ensure ethical sourcing in social and environmental standards. 

Within our collection, we try to reduce the use of virgin synthetic textiles and prioritize natural fabrics where possible. And when we do use synthetics, you can bet they're the best quality we can get our hands on, ensuring your garment lasts for years to come.

The more thought that goes into the production and design of a garment, the better its quality and the longer it will last before the consumer will feel the need to buy another garment. Durability and timelessness are key to sustainable fashion, and our brand values center around the idea of investing in timeless pieces that are built to last.

We're firm believers that education is key to achieving our sustainability goals. That's why every garment on our website comes with material information and care instructions. We're here to empower you to make conscious choices and extend the lifespan of your wardrobe favorites.

So, next time you slip into one of our designs, know that it's been crafted with care – for both you and the planet. And remember, a little love goes a long way. So, read those care labels and wash your garments consciously. Together, we can make a difference, one step at a time.


At UY Studio, reducing our environmental impact isn't just a goal – it's a commitment woven into the fabric of everything we do. Here’s how we’re making a difference, one stitch at a time:


We believe in making the most of every material we use. That’s why we have implemented a zero waste policy in our atelier. We use as much as we can from every roll of fabric. It is very important to us that we don’t waste any resources unnecessarily, so we cut the fabric in a carefully planned way and make as many garments from the same fabric as we can. Whether it's crafting accessories, small garments, or details, we're committed to ensuring that every inch of fabric serves a purpose.

Even with our best efforts to minimize waste, there are inevitably small amounts of fabric that we aren’t able to incorporate into new garments. But rather than discarding these scraps, we've found a meaningful way to repurpose them. We gather all these fabric scraps and donate them to PETNERS, a Ukraninan organization that transforms every last bit of fabric scraps into cozy dog beds for dogs that have been displaced due to the war.


It all starts at the supply chain, and a mistake that we've seen made too often is overlooking its importance. 

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond the studio to our partnerships with suppliers. We work exclusively with providers who share our commitment to eco-friendly practices, including the use of plastic-free packaging and wrapping materials. By prioritizing environmentally responsible packaging options, we're minimizing our contribution to plastic pollution and promoting a more sustainable supply chain.

To bring this one step further, we do our best to reuse all the packaging that we do receive. As a fashion brand, we always have packages coming and going. It would be extremely resource-consuming to use all this packaging just once, so we do our best to give everything a second life. Whether it's reusing boxes, envelopes, or padding materials, we're committed to minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency in our shipping processes.


In the early days of UY Studio, we proudly produced everything in-house. However, as our brand grew and demand increased, we faced the challenge of keeping up with production in our small atelier in Berlin. Facing the need to scale, we made the decision to outsource a portion of our production. Nevertheless, we remain committed to conscious practices every step of the way. That's why we ensure that all of our garments are made in the EU, where strict regulations ensure good working conditions, uphold quality standards, and minimize transportation emissions. 

By prioritizing local production within the EU, we uphold our commitment to sustainability and slow fashion while delivering garments of the highest quality to our customers.


There is no doubt that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global pollution and waste. However, we think it’s very important for today’s fashion brands to actively take a stance and do as much as they can to reduce the negative impact of fashion and provide consumers with eco-conscious options.


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