Branding Workshop

17th - 18th March

Enhance your branding and communication skills with our exclusive Branding Workshop at UY Studio. Join our two day workshop to develop the foundation and strategic direction of your own brand. The workshop will include an introduction to the branding world with a focus on fashion & retail, as well as provide you with essential knowledge to effectively bring your brand vision to life. The workshop explores key relevant topics and offers unique insight into helping you develop your purpose, social awareness, relevancy and more. 

With real industry experience and insight, the workshop combines communication and branding strategies, tools and knowledge which you can apply to your own business. Alongside theoretical knowledge you will also gain direct insight into UY Studio’s own journey and approach to succeeding as a small Berlin brand, focused on living their values and working to remain relevant within a dynamic and changing environment, as well as a larger global network. 

The workshop will include an introductory evening with an overview of the workshop, a presentation on branding and a project canvas to assist you with your brand vision. The following day will include a breakdown into relevant topics and themes which you will need to consider and work on when developing your own brand. We will present key theories, tools and techniques which you can apply to your own work. A combination of both hard branding skills and industry insight come together to offer you a template for brand and communication strategizing,  a space for learning, as well as having your own branding questions answered and explained. 

Hosted by

Idan Gilony Tel aviv born, Berlin based 

Entrepreneur and multidisciplinary designer specialising in cultural events, & business development.

Globally experienced in different projects in Berlin, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, and more. 

Founder and creative director at UY Studio GmbH

Tyla Jurgens Johannesburg born, Berlin based

Creative freelancer specialised in communication and sustainability within fashion and creative industries. 

Communication and PR manager at UY Studio


The workshop consists of 2 sessions which will take place over a Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at our spacious studio in Kreuzkölln. Participants can also attend the course online.

Friday 17:00-20:00

Saturday 12:00 - 17:00

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DAY 1     17:00 - 20:00 

Introduction to the Branding Workshop 

Learning Brand Canvas

  • Looking at the starting point of developing a brand and key questions which one needs to consider when developing their own. 
  • A task will be given to complete to assist you with the in depth branding and communication key themes the following day 

  • DAY 2     12:00 - 17:00 

    Learning - Internal branding (Vision, Mission, Values / Personality)

    Learning - External branding (Relationships, Community, Growth) 

    BREAK 14:00 - 14:30

    Learning - Socials branding (Finance, Industry, Marketing, Brand Positioning, Goals, Market)