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Momentum is inspired by the social isolation collectively faced during the multiple COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 

Our aim with this project is to express our own records through a performance, to collaborate with like minded artists from the community, and to create a piece that reflects both the personal and the collective experience of the last year. 

Together with Xenia Wiest, established Staatsballett Berlin & Hannover dancer and choreographer, and under the art direction of Idan Gilony, we discussed what we wanted the choreography to communicate - emotions of disruption, irreness underlined with a sense of hope to specifically highlight the paradoxes of the collective experiences. With these three main emotions as our guides, Marcel Fengler, IMF/Ostgut Ton, created the exclusive sound for Momentum, depicting the different emotional cycles during the isolation period and ending with a reserved sense of hope for the new year and what it might have in store for us.   

Our talented cast from Staatsballett Berlin were a strong inspiration for the garment design. We wanted to create a unique, genderless piece that stands out in its simplicity and one that contrasts the sound and the movements in its softness. 

None of this could have been realized without our production team, our dancers and collaborators. A very warm and special thank you to Polyphony Studios for supporting us throughout the production and for providing us with the location. 


UY Team  X

Choreography - Xenia Wiest @xenia_wiest_choreography Sound Design - Marcel Fengler @marcel_fengler Art Direction - Idan Gilony @idangilony
Cinematography & Editing Shira Kela @shira_Kela  Compositing & Color Grading - Jonas Wadelius  @jonas.waldelus  Light Design - Michal Andrysiak @andryiszku Production & Costume Design - UY Studio Production Manager - Salma ElShami @s_shamiii Makeup & Hair - Roberta Deflorio @robertadefloriomakeupartist Photography - Agustín Farias @agustinfar Staatsballett Dancers - Lucio Vidal @lucioflight, Federico Spallitta @frido87Weronika Frodyma @weronikafrodymaSarah Hochster @sarahhochster, Cecile Kaltenbach @cecilekalt, Marco Arena @marcoarena93  Special thanks to Polyphony Studio @polyphony_studio



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