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We are excited to share with you this year's Spring Summer collection. This collection was inspired by our core concept of “free body”, designed by us in our Berlin Atelier. 

The collection represents our take on beauty embodied in our DNA all in the sense of performative fashion. The garments and experiences are about feeling comfortable with oneself, in opposition to the cycle of self-frustration and anxiety generated by trends. That is why this year's Summer Collection also aims to showcase garments to potentialize diverse embodiments of life by helping people communicate with their bodies. We are continuously striving for merging our fashion designs with other artistic languages which have always been deeply rooted in our identity. Following our focus, we are pursuing our passion for performative garments in a deeper sense and invite our audience on a reflective journey through movement and art. 

We recently sat down with the two founders of UY Studio and the current Fashion Designers Idan Gilony & Fanny Lawaetz and had a chit chat about where UY was born and where it is now: 

A Fashion Article: 

Fanny: Answering the question where we come from is a funny story, we never really thought of becoming a real Fashion brand. I mean yes, we studied Fashion Design but back in that time we only produced garments for our friends and family and parties. 

Idan: It’s interesting to see where we got now. We are no longer focusing on the typical Berghain outfits which was also fun since we loved creating outfits for the club. However our inspiration changed into something more casual, more “UY”. But of course you will still find one or two pieces in our collections as an homage to our arrival in Berlin. However our new Spring Summer Collection shows are bigger variety of colors and fabrics.  

Fanny: … our outfit ideas definitely changed from the time we almost got kicked out of our apartment when our landlord thought we were running a sexshop haha! 

Idan: When we finally found our current studio in Kreuzkölln, we knew we finally arrived. We immediately saw the potential, even though the store looked horrible. We made it ours and we grew out of our previous apartment which was back in the time function as our home and our Fashion Studio. And we grew out of the typical techno outfits into something more sophisticated, something more mature than we used to design back in the days. What we kept true are our values and we are still a firm believer that clothing should be made for everyone, genderless, timeless and and full of body liberation! 

Discover our Berlin Store in Kreuzberg/Neukölln to get to know our new summer designs and get a first feel and touch for your future summer outfit. Our store is open for visits every Tuesday to Friday from 12 until 7pm and Saturdays from 12 to 8pm.


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Art Direction & Fashion: UY Studio I Photography: Sarah I Hair: Mine Studio I Make Up: Eleonore I Styling: Rachel I Models: Paola, Elmar, Deborah