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UY 2020

UY 2020


The past's future is no longer an option, we've arrived somewhere else. 
UY2020 is an analysis of the limitations faced by the fashion and creative industries during the pandemic that has set the zeitgeist for our era. 
Social isolation has transformed the way we live, work and interact. It compelled us not only to explore new tools and create new ways of doing things, but also to question what is really essential in what we do. 

Being together no longer means occupying the same space but synchronizing experiences, as we become aware that experiences are immaterial: they happen inside our minds. The boost in digital media use for human interaction creates room for the understanding that if we see sensoriality as a purely physical experience, we're doomed to be deprived of it. 
We adapt to the boundaries of this new reality as we create experiences for our new condition, amplifying the range of possibilities for the future we're designing now. What are the new rules? How can we explore our chemical, neurological, and technological knowledge to produce the sensations and emotions we're being deprived of? What other ways can we create to reinforce and strengthen our access to sensoriality through virtuality?
UY 2020 MASK 

Art Direction - Idan Gilony @idangilony Animation - Manuel Tozzi @tozzzis Sound - Emre Zaim Demirtas @emrezaimdemirtas & Yakov Lev Post-production - Shira Kela @shira_kela Words - Mariana Ungaretti Mariana Ungaretti


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